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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You

If you are dying to attend the World-Class Administrative Professionals Course; but you are not sure how to convince your manager to let you go? Help is here!

Most companies and government agencies pick up the tab for their employees to attend outside courses and conferences, however, getting time off and permission to spend some of your company’s precious training budget on a course or convention isn’t always a “slam-dunk” proposition.

Remember that the cost of attending a course or conference is considerable -course fees, travel costs, and time-away-from-work. It is likely your managers will want some serious justification for you to attend a conference.

Getting approval to attend the course is a two-part endeavor.  In addition to highlighting the benefits of the course itself, you will also want to show that you are the best person to attend – that you are the best person for the organization to invest Professional Development dollars with.

There are many reasons to attend an out of town course or conference.

One is simply a change of pace and the chance to get out of the office. However, that is not going to sell the idea of paying for a seminar to your boss.

If you’ve decided you want to attend a course this year here are a few ways to convince your boss to foot the bill.

  1. Remind the boss that you are a good employee. It’s may sound obvious, but in today’s organizations it is far than always the case.
  2. Suggest that your organization, like most, demands more and more from its Administrative Professionals. Indicate that by acquiring new cutting-edge skills and knowledge, and increased confidence you will better meet the fast-changing challenges of today’s leaner organizations.
  3. Stress your goals – what do you expect to gain from the course or conference. Write down your goals and list any problems you’re having or questions you need answered.
  4. Discuss any issues that exist or have existed recently where training may have helped you deal more effectively with the situation.
  5. Show your boss that the course is content rich, providing a list of the specific topics that will be covered.
  6. Tell your boss about the seminar leaders. Stress that they are leaders in the field with outstanding academic credentials.
  7. Highlight the fact that The World-Class Course for Administrative Professionals is the ORIGINAL and it an advanced program, the constant revision and improvement keeps it at the cutting-edge.
  8. Provide the boss with testimonials from prior attendees and a list of organizations that have sponsored participants in the past.
  9. Offer to share materials and experiences with the rest of the team upon your return. Perhaps hosting a brown-bag lunch session to spread the new techniques around and reviews relevant content you learned at the course. From the boss’s viewpoint, that means that everyone gets training for the cost of sending one person.

While a simple verbal request is sometimes all it takes, a written request is better. Write a memo to your boss outlining the program’s features. Attach the brochure and highlight parts that show how you and the company will benefit. You might also want to have your manager view the attached PowerPoint presentation, “Making the Case for the World-Class Annual Administrative Professionals Course.”

Good luck!


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