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Administation Professional Course

The 45th Annual Administrative Professionals Course

Working with People

The most frustrating limitations placed upon you as an administrative professional have little to do with your technical abilities; rather the most trying aspects of your work often involves dealing with people. To be truly effective in working with others, you must perfect your ability to:

• Exert Influence in the absence of direct authority

BEHAVIOURAL FLUENCY: Discover how this new 
breakthrough can vastly improve the quality of your communication in both your professional and your personal relationships

• Deal more successfully with di cult co-workers and others who create stress in your environment

CREATING INFLUENCE: Getting greater results with people – when you are not in charge

• Become a true partner with your manager

• Analyze your emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses and develop specific strategies for enhancing your emotional intelligence

• Identify your workplace’s emotional culture

• Discover your unique behavioural style


Managing Self!

Success and satisfaction in your present and future responsibilities are dependent on a number of self- management skills. By improving your abilities at strategic execution – managing projects, priorities and deadlines, while deflecting job-related stress, improving your emotional intelligence and developing your memory and concentration, you will gain a deeper sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. At the 45th Annual Administrative Professionals Course: The Influential Assistant, you will learn how to:

• Manage multiple objectives, projects and conflicting priorities

• Learn to handle the three types of events that erode your effectiveness – the unimportant task, the unanticipated task and other people’s priorities

• Develop self-awareness – your style, strengths and weaknesses

• Identify and overcome irrational beliefs that might be holding you back

• Learn the five key influence strategies for turning resistance into agreement

• Receive numerous tips for successfully working with others as 
part of a team

• Build an administrative professionals team and elevate 
the value of your work

• Building your personal brand: Showcasing the best 

• How to position yourself as an influential leader

• Get more people to like you!

• Achieve greater team synergy and effectiveness

• Win cooperation and trust, energizing juniors to excel

• Cope with different and sometimes difficult people

• Deal with interpersonal problems that threaten team cohesiveness

• Select motivators based on individual needs

• Understand the laws of influence – effectively persuading others

• Remarkably improve your ability to remember names and faces

• Learn how to deliver speeches and presentations without the need for notes

• Learn how to deliver speeches and presentations without the need for notes.

• Develop strategies for preventing, reducing, and managing stress

• Lose your fear of “Kineahora” and improve your self-esteem

• What we can learn from Adams, Monroe, Prinze and Prior

• Solve project issues quickly and come in on time – every time!

• Develop easy-to-implement proactive strategies to better predict, plan, and prepare for the future, and avoid the problems along the way

• Increase your long-term professional value with NEW skills, tools and strategies!!




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