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By Paul A. Douglas, Ph.D. Founder & CEO, P.A. Douglas & Associates Inc.

1. She is a Self-Starter

She is capable of independent thought and independent action. She has the ability to see the big picture, even while that picture is still embryonic. She supports her boss without the need for constant oversight, supervision and direction.

2. She Anticipates her Boss’ Needs

She sees what others don’t see. She often recognizes her boss’ needs, before the boss is aware of them.

3. She is Resourceful

She has an innate resourcefulness. She will find a way when others say it is impossible. She knows when and how to take appropriate action. In a moment of crisis, in her boss’ absence she will identify feasible alternatives to come up with a solution.

4. She Makes her Boss Look Good

She is her boss’ “face” and “voice” to the outside world. She knows the image her boss wants to project and is successful in projecting that image.

5. She Reflects her Boss’ Values

She realizes that she must always act in a way that is in keeping with her manager’s priorities, goals, and values.

6. She has Incredible Organizational Skills:

She has the ability to bring order out of chaos. She knows the status of each project that needs attention, has streamlined systems and put procedures in place. Everything seems to be at her fingertips.

7. She has Cutting Edge Time Management Skills

She knows when and how to screen phone calls, greet visitors and assist clients with their questions or concerns so that her manager has more uninterrupted time. She knows how to prioritize and has the ability to remain focused, even in the face of distractions.

8. She is Customer Service Oriented

She realizes that customer service orientation is not only a desirable quality, but one that is essential. In dealing with both internal and external ‘clients’ on a daily basis, she is personally invested in helping others and guaranteeing satisfaction.

9. She Has Outstanding Communication Skills

She demonstrates a mastery of communication with strong speaking and writing skills. She is excellent at proof reading, grammar and spelling.

10. She is Always Discrete

She shows discretion in all communication regarding her boss or her organization. She does not indulge in gossip, or betray confidences.

11. She has Integrity

She knows right from wrong and is fully invested in doing the right thing at all times. She achieves her goals, but not at the expense of her colleagues accomplishing theirs.

12. She is Persistent

She is not easily dissuaded; rather, she will persist. She has the ability to get the required results without the need to be confrontational.

13. She is a Collaborator

She views herself as her boss’ partner. She has discovered that collaborating with her manager is one of the most challenging and satisfying aspects of her job. She knows that a collaborative, successful partnership is only achieved purposefully, thoughtfully and with a great deal of good two-way communication.

14. She is Teachable

An indispensable administrative assistant is willing to learn, to stay abreast of new technology procedures, and protocols. That means when faced with problem or issue where he or she lacks the knowledge or technical know-how to handle the problem, he or she will acquire it independently.

15. She is Pro-Active

Foresight and anticipation is important. She doesn’t need to be told what to do. She anticipates the solution before the problem even becomes an issue. She seems able to know her boss’ needs before he or she does himself.

16. She Goes the Extra Mile

If there is one way above all that shows your deep level of commitment to the organization, it is going that extra mile. She demonstrates a sense of duty when it comes to resolving problems, avoiding crises, and following through on commitments that could easily be avoided.

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