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The Banff Management Course

Building on your experience and the analysis of your personal management style, this course will help you confidently make the shift from managing to leading. You will foster the skills needed to drive performance, orchestrate change and develop your team.

Course Details

Building on your experience and the analysis of your personal management style, this program will help you confidently make the shift from managing to leading. You will develop the skills needed to drive performance, orchestrate change and develop your team. You will learn how to manage conflict more effectively and greatly improve your ability to influence others. In short, you will learn to manage people, resources and self!

To be effective, today’s manager must get the best possible performance from subordinates, control conflict and know how to delegate, not only work, but responsibility. Additionally, the successful manager must demonstrate expertise in strategic planning and organization, and must have possession of those skills and qualities that afford control in a stressful and changing environment.

This carefully tailored pragmatic course will deliver the tools and knowledge you need to be more effective in both your professional and personal life. You will improve your communication skills at all levels and will form winning strategies for dealing with different and sometimes difficult people. You will adopt effective strategies for influencing others and thereby improve workplace relationships with colleagues, subordinates and senior management. You will learn how to become more successful getting work done with and through others.

You will improve your memory skills to a remarkable degree; enabling you to deliver speeches and presentations without the need nor the desire for written notes, improve incredibly your ability to remember names and faces as well as develop systems for remembering dates, appointments and what
you read. You will learn to manage projects, priorities and deadlines while maintaining a stress-free
work environment. At this intensive program you will develop the essential skills of highly effective leaders.


Specifically, at the Banff Management Course we will focus on two general areas:


Influencing Others

The most frustrating limitations placed upon you as a manager have little to do with your technical abilities; rather the most trying aspects of your work often involves dealing with people. To be really effective in dealing with others, you must perfect your be really effective in dealing with others, you must perfect your ability to:

• Understand that the key to successful leadership is the effective use of influence rather than reliance on authority

• Identify the levers that you can pull to influence others and enlist their support

• BEHAVIOURAL FLUENCY: Discover how this new breakthrough can vastly improve the quality of your communications in both your professional and personal relationships

• Practice your skills at getting commitment from your staff in performance management situations

• What does it really mean to achieve positive results through people?

• Discover the appropriate use of the commander, dreamer, thinker and supporter roles

• Achieve greater team synergy and effectiveness

• Cope with different and sometimes difficult teammembers

• Conduct crisp, successful interviews by applyingthe nine-step coaching model

• Identify the key factors contributing to employee engagement and their importance

• Cope successfully with complainers and those who will not communicate

• Avoiding the greatest mistakes many managers make during a disciplinary interview

• Develop best practices for presenting your arguments to others to secure buy-in

• Focus on the different bases of influence, identifying how


Managing Self

• Identify your “Primary Time Style” and how to make it work for you

• Learn to handle the three types of events that erode your effectiveness – the unimportant task, the unanticipated task and other people’s priorities

• Successfully avoid the manipulative time tactics of others

• Develop self-awareness – your style, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots

• Aquire the radar that instantly detects when people misunderstand you

• Remarkably improve your ability to remember names and faces

• Learn how to deliver speeches and presentations without the need for notes

• Proactively deal with conflict

• Conduct crisp, successful interview

• Recognize and deal with your “Type A” behaviour

• Develop strategies for preventing, reducing, and managing stress

• Lose your fear of “Kineahora” and improve your self-esteem

• Build your emotional intelligence to communicate more effectively

• Learn the communication traits employees look for and admire in a leader

• Solve project problems and come in on time every time!

• Deal with interpersonal problems that threaten team cohesiveness


At the Banff Management Course you will gain valuable new insights into dealing more effectively with subordinates, colleagues, bosses and clients — even when they are at their worst!


“This course is a must for any manager who has to survive in an environment of change. The techniques learned will be of immediate benefit and contribute to my long-term personal and professional goals.”

– F.K. Fitzsimmons, Ontario Hydro





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